The Kaibab Mule Deer Guides Team is dedicated to providing the serious trophy mule deer hunter with the finest premium quality, professionally guided and outfitted mule deer hunts available on the Kaibab Plateau. The founding partners of Arizona Strip Guides provide tag holders for the Kaibab mule deer hunts with a professional guide and outfitter service.  This service specializes in hunting and harvesting the absolute ”Best of the Best” high scoring trophy mule deer bucks on the Kaibab Plateau. Our goal at Arizona Strip Guides is to provide you with the highest opportunity of success at harvesting the highest scoring mule deer on the Kaibab.   We also make sure that each aspect of your Arizona trophy mule deer hunt, from start to finish, is a professional and enjoyable experience. We strive to find you the highest scoring Kaibab bucks possible. We also strive to provide you with a world class quality hunting camp and fun hunting atmosphere. There is so much more to a Kaibab mule deer hunt than just harvesting a giant trophy mule deer buck. We insure each mule deer client that books with Arizona Strip Guides truly has the Kaibab mule deer hunting experience of a lifetime.


Our intensive scouting program for trophy Kaibab mule deer bucks takes place all year round and the Arizona Strip Guides Team is constantly looking at ways to improve our scouting results and find you the client the Kaibab mule deer buck of a lifetime. Both of the founding members of Arizona Strip Guides LLC are full time year round professional outfitters which allows us to spend a very extensive amount of time scouting the Kaibab Plateau in search of giant mule deer bucks. The Arizona Strip Guides team spends a tremendous amount of physical man hours every year on the Kaibab Plateau along with our extensive trail camera scouting program. The Arizona Strip Guides Team owns a very extensive amount of trail cameras that we use to thoroughly cover the Kaibab Plateau in search of the highest possible scoring Kaibab mule deer bucks for our trophy mule deer clients. All of these resources along with our many combined years of trophy mule deer hunting experience on the Kaibab Plateau allows us to offer serious trophy mule deer hunters some of the “Best of the Best” in premium quality professional guide and outfitter services for all of the Kaibab mule deer hunts that are offered annually.


The Arizona Strip Guides Team will be in frequent contact with you from the moment that you book your Kaibab mule deer hunt with us, to the moment that it is time to begin your Kaibab mule deer hunt of a lifetime. Our team will be keeping you updated with scouting reports from the Kaibab Plateau as often as we possibly can. You will be hunting a specific list of trophy Kaibab mule deer bucks that we have targeted for you when you book your trophy mule deer hunt with us. The Arizona Strip Guides team does not rely on areas that were “awesome last year” or are “usually pretty good” when you book your Kaibab mule deer hunt with our team of hardworking highly experienced Arizona trophy mule deer hunting professionals.


All of our Kaibab mule deer hunters will have up to the minute scouting info on the Kaibab mule deer bucks that they will be pursuing on their trophy mule deer hunt. Arizona Strip Guides LLC will arrive to stay on the Kaibab several consecutive days prior to the start of your Kaibab mule deer hunts and will stay there for the entire duration. The Arizona Strip Guides Team takes our preseason scouting and our clients’ Kaibab mule deer hunts extremely seriously and we will treat them as if they were our very own once in a lifetime trophy mule deer hunts. For most trophy mule deer hunters, a Kaibab mule deer hunt is a once in a lifetime affair that involves many years of waiting and lots of money spent to finally come to fruition. The Arizona Strip Guides Team takes this to heart and will do everything humanly possible to have the highest level of preparation for your long awaited Kaibab deer hunts.


The Arizona Strip Guides Team only uses the finest optics and hunting equipment that money can buy on our Kaibab mule deer hunts such as Swarovski, Leica, and Zeiss. We flat out refuse to leave anything during your Kaibab mule deer hunt to chance due to using second rate optics or hunting equipment. Our Kaibab mule deer camps will be comfortable heated wall tents and travel trailers with fantastic camp cooking and every comfort and amenity that is possible to have while hunting trophy mule deer on the Kaibab Plateau. You can relax in camp after a long day of hunting Kaibab mule deer bucks and enjoy a cocktail while our camp cook prepares an all you can eat gourmet meal. After a comfortable and warm night of sleep you will awaken to breakfast and plenty of hot coffee. You will also have a large sack lunch waiting for you in the morning along with plenty of cold drinks and snacks for your day in the field hunting giant Kaibab mule deer bucks with the Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals. Depending on where we have the highest scoring mule deer bucks located, we may also utilize comfortable local motels and good local restaurants on some of our trophy Kaibab mule deer hunts.


The Arizona Strip Guides Team is one of your top choices for premium quality professional Kaibab mule deer outfitters and Kaibab mule deer guides. Arizona Strip Guides LLC is in this business for the long run and is totally committed to the absolute highest standards of quality and excellence on all of our trophy mule deer hunts that we guide and outfit on the Kaibab Plateau. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and we hope to meet you in one of our trophy mule deer camps on the world famous Kaibab Plateau this year.