Arizona Unit 12B can be a very tough Arizona mule deer unit to hunt but it does produce some absolute giant mule deer bucks that can rival or sometimes even beat the big non typical and typical mule deer bucks that are taken on the Arizona Strip Units 13A, unit 13B, and the Kaibab Plateau Units 12A west and 12A east. Arizona unit 12B definitely offers the trophy mule deer hunter a great chance of taking the mule deer buck of a lifetime under the right conditions.


Arizona Unit 12B is mainly considered wintering country for the herds of mule deer that will migrate into this unit during the late fall and winter months and come in from the surrounding Kaibab Plateau in Arizona and from the Paunsaugunt area in southern Utah. Although there is a very small resident population of giant mule deer bucks that live year round in Arizona Unit 12B, the bulk of the mule deer herd that is found in this Arizona mule deer unit only uses this area temporarily throughout the late fall and winter months.


The Arizona Unit 12B rifle mule deer hunts are split up into two separate hunt units: Arizona Unit 12B and Arizona Unit 12B west. Unit 12B west includes the Buckskin mountain range that lies to the north of the Kaibab Plateau in Unit 12A. Unit 12B west does not include the Paria Plateau nor does it include any of the areas that are east of BLM road 1065. All of Arizona Unit 12B is also included with all of the Kaibab Unit 12A West and Unit 12A East for the early season Kaibab archery mule deer hunt that takes place in late August – early September.

Being surrounded by the Arizona Strip, the Paunsaugunt, and the Kaibab Plateau, which are some of the best trophy mule deer gene pools in the world, ensures that Arizona Unit 12B will always have trophy quality mule deer bucks for the lucky trophy mule deer hunters who are fortunate enough to draw a tag in this great area. The early season Unit 12B rifle mule deer hunts can be extremely tough if you are thinking about trying to harvest giant mule deer bucks. That being said though, there are some giant resident Arizona mule deer bucks in this unit and a very hard working and dedicated hunter might have a slim chance of harvesting the mule deer buck of a lifetime on the unit 12B early rifle mule deer hunt. Make sure that you keep your expectations very reasonable if you draw a tag for this early season rifle mule deer hunt in Arizona Unit 12B, you will have a great time if you are reasonable and you just might harvest a giant mule deer buck.


If a trophy class mule deer buck and seeing lots of rutting mule deer is your goal then you only need to apply for the late season rifle mule deer hunts in the rut that are offered in Arizona Unit 12B. These tags are very limited in number and are very tough to draw but they are definitely worth applying for by any serious mule deer hunter, especially any trophy mule deer hunter that is looking to possibly harvest a Boone & Crockett caliber mule deer buck.


The Arizona Strip Guides team is very experienced in hunting the trophy mule deer bucks that inhabit Arizona Unit 12B and Arizona Unit 12B West. The Arizona Strip Guides Team of Arizona trophy mule deer hunting professionals is one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides for all of the mule deer hunts that are offered in Arizona Unit 12B and Arizona Unit 12B West. We would love nothing more than to put our many years of knowledge and trophy mule deer hunting experience to work for you this year in Arizona unit 12B and Arizona Unit 12B West. Arizona Strip Guides LLC is hard at work scouting for high scoring trophy mule deer bucks in Arizona Unit 12B and Arizona Unit 12B West all year round in order to provide you the client with the very highest level of quality and preparation on your Arizona Unit 12B trophy mule deer hunts.

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