Arizona Strip Guides LLC firmly believes that the early season archery mule deer hunts on the Arizona Strip are one of the best hunting opportunities that an archer will ever have at harvesting a giant mule deer buck that scores over 200 inches Pope & Young.  There is no other place on earth that has better trophy mule deer genetics or that continually produces giant mule deer bucks like the Arizona Strip does. The archery mule deer hunt on the Arizona strip Unit 13B is a fairly new hunt. There has been an archery mule deer hunt on the Strip Unit 13A for quite some time but the Unit 13B archery mule deer hunt has only been in place since the 2008 hunting season.

trophy archery mule deer huntsARIZONA STRIP ARCHERY MULE DEER GUIDES

The Unit 13A archery mule deer hunt was formerly an over the counter hunt but it has been changed to a limited entry draw hunt with a very limited number of tags. The archery mule deer hunts on the Arizona strip are early season velvet hunts that have the exact same dates as the over the counter early season Arizona archery mule deer hunts. The weather can get very hot during this time of year on the Arizona strip and a lot of the trophy Arizona strip mule deer bucks up there tend to stay pretty close to the limited water sources found there. Archery hunters who are lucky enough to be able to draw one of these Arizona Strip archery tags generally experience the greatest success on these giant Arizona strip bucks by hunting these waterholes out of treestands and ground blinds.


Waterhole hunting is not the rule to be able to harvest these giant Arizona strip bucks though. A lot of the good mule deer country that is found on the Arizona Strip seems to have been tailor made for spot and stalk archery mule deer hunts. During the 2010 archery mule deer hunt in Unit 13B, a giant typical Arizona strip buck that was harvested by an Arizona hunter, by glassing and then spotting and stalking, may potentially be the new Pope & Young world record typical archery mule deer buck. If you are looking for an archery mule deer hunt that is the absolute best of the best for giant mule deer bucks and you do not mind waiting a few years to draw a tag, you need to give some very serious consideration to applying for the archery mule deer hunts on the Strip Units 13B and 13A.

trophy archery mule deer huntsKAIBAB ARCHERY MULE DEER GUIDES

With all of the attention that the Arizona Strip receives from hardcore trophy mule deer hunters it is sometimes pretty easy to overlook the Kaibab Plateau as an excellent choice for a trophy archery mule deer hunt. The Kaibab, like the Arizona Strip, also has a very trophy rich gene pool that produces plenty of trophy mule deer bucks for the bowhunters that choose to apply for the tags that are allocated for the early season archery mule deer hunts on the Kaibab. Bowhunters who choose to hunt the archery hunts on the Kaibab will encounter very high numbers of mule deer that are unparalleled anywhere in the state of Arizona.

trophy archery mule deer huntsKAIBAB ARCHERY MULE DEER GUIDES

The Kaibab archery mule deer hunt is also an early season velvet hunt with dates that start in mid august and end in early to mid september. Again, the weather is very warm this time of year and most of the Kaibab mule deer bucks will be in the high altitude thickly forested areas and staying close to water. These thickly forested areas on the Kaibab Plateau are very difficult to glass and most hunters have the best success on this hunt by hunting water holes and travel routes out of treestands and ground blinds. Although glassing and spotting and stalking bucks can be tough during this hunt you will still see great numbers of deer on a Kaibab archery hunt.

The mule deer densities on the Arizona Strip are very low and you will not see great numbers of deer while hunting there but it is quite the opposite on the Kaibab. Kaibab mule deer can be found in great numbers and high densities which makes for a very exciting and fast paced hunt with sightings of mutiple good bucks being very possible on a daily basis.

outfitters for trophy mule deerKAIBAB ARCHERY MULE DEER OUTFITTERS

Generally, the average gross scores of the trophy mule deer bucks that are harvested on the Kaibab will be lower than those of the mule deer bucks that have been taken on the Arizona Strip. The Strip produces higher scoring bucks on average but the Kaibab is not too far behind and has produced some true behemoths on the archery hunt. Don’t overlook the Kaibab for big mule deer bucks.

As you can see, the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau offers hunters some great archery hunts for trophy mule deer. The Arizona Strip Guides Team has a very high amount of experience on all of these archery mule deer hunts and can provide you with a world class hunt no matter which Arizona Strip or Kaibab archery hunt you choose from. Arizona Strip Guides LLC works very hard all year round to be one of your top choices for premium quality professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides.

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