AZ Strip Mulies

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Arizona Strip Guides Tags: , , , , , ,

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Howdy guys and gals, I know all of you that are reading our blog love to see giant Arizona strip mule deer bucks so we thought we’d start giving you your mule deer “Daily Dose”. We’ll try to post up different pictures of giant Arizona strip bucks and giant Kaibab bucks as often as possible so make sure you check in with Arizona Strip Guides LLC daily to see more pictures of whopper mule deer. This Arizona Strip buck made it through the 2012 hunting seasons and is one of many giant Arizona strip bucks that we will be hunting with our Arizona strip mule deer clients this year. This buck is pretty young and we’re hoping that his antler growth explodes this year. Hopefully we will be posting up an updated pic of this monster Arizona strip buck with one of our clients tags on his antlers. Contact the Arizona Strip Guides Team today if you would like to hunt giant mule deer like this one. Arizona Strip Guides LLC and our hardworking team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals are one of your top choices in premium quality professional Arizona mule deer outfitters and Arizona mule deer guides.

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